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MMA2 Training Centre

Contract Project: September 09, 2017

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Description of the project

MMA2 Training Centre is designed basically to bridge the gap in the training needs of BASL staff. With a Training Manager and Eight Aviation Security (AVSEC) Instructors, all activities at the Centre are geared towards meeting the training needs of BASL’s personnel.

Availability of the facility is borne out of a desire to proffer constant innovative solutions to the myriad of challenges facing corporate entities, with a particular focus on Safety and Security in the aviation industry.

The facility also offers the opportunity to manage and ensure better work experiences among staff, and to simply focus on documenting the company’s best practices and company-specific instructions.

This ultimately allows companies, in line with best practices the world over, to build custom-made training materials which emphasize best practices and procedures in a more comprehensible manner.

As part of a regulatory requirement, the facility offers Security Awareness training to non-AVSEC BASL staff, concessionaires, and all other employees at MMA2 Terminal.

However, in order for optimum utilization of the facility, the Centre is open to external bodies, clients and concessionaires alike.

Each of the facility’s 3 well-furnished training classrooms with a capacity to seat 20 students are equipped with the following:

A wireless projector, (with capability for HDMI cable connection)
A meeting room for syndicate studies/discussions
A lounge for trainees and facilitator
High-speed Free Wi-Fi
Easy accessibility and a lot more
The 3 classes are designed to be collapsible into a single conference room for a bigger audience carriage.

The environment is thus, ultimately conducive for learning.